Benefits of Becoming a Coach

The benefits of becoming a coach are both personal and professional. Your whole life will change as you integrate coaching into your life:
+ Peoples’ sense of satisfaction in life increases.
+ Coaching has a beneficial effect on personal relationships.
+ The depth of training at Coach University enhances our students’ ability and skills as managers of their own lives.

On a professional level, coach training provides the platform for meaningful service in the world. Meaningful service is the basis for personal, professional and financial success.

Individuals investigate coach training for different reasons. Some people want to build on their skills and abilities to help others reach their goals. For others, it’s more of a personal journey and a time for growth. Whatever your reason, the core competencies and skills you acquire during your training will have a positive impact on your life and in the lives of others.

Ontological Coaching aspires to transform the basic way we understand and interpret ourselves as well as those around us. This innovative approach to life coaching is perhaps the world’s most sophisticated methodology. Ontological Coaching goes beyond strategies and skills to creating fundamental, profound learning and lasting change - if we are willing to observe, question and change the Being that we are. Ontological Coaching is tremendously effective in altering our ability to take new actions by producing knowledge and understanding of the conversational, emotional, social, cultural and somatic environment in which we live.

Coaching as a Career

+ Coaching allows you to design your work life to be fully consistent with your values about time, money and service.

+ Coaching is a great way to make a living. It’s a business that can be started without a large overhead.

+ Coach training helps you evolve as a leader and the coaching community provides a high level of support for every challenge that you face as an emerging entrepreneur.

Coaching as a Part-time Career

+ Coaching provides additional income while providing immediate return on your investment.

+ Coaching others gives you a sense of fulfillment that comes from partnering with people and moving forward toward a goal.

+ Control your own schedule, work from your own home - create a life of balance.

Enhancing Professional Expertise

+ Professional expertise is shared with greater ease using a coach approach.

+ Coaching is a bridge to additional income streams.

+ Coaching adds to your clients' growth and their perceived value of your service as their level of self-responsibility increases.

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