We see the need for easily accessible and accredited online courses at amazing prices. Our Program utilizes the best of modern technology to bring interactive learning to wherever you live.  Every month, you will receive a new learning guide containing readings, reflections, practices, and guided conversations that deepen the material explored. Our program is based on Ontological coaching, which includes awareness of language, body, sensing, thinking, emotions, moods, relationships, and what it means to learn.  It is the number one tool to help people and organizations to make significant and lasting change.

For many people, wanting to help others to do better and succeed is a natural tendency. Several of those people think it's also a natural talent, but you know better. You know that coaching for success requires skills, knowledge and a strategic approach to the challenges and obstacles individuals may face. Now you're ready to take the next step to enhance your natural inclinations with the educational foundation to succeed in your own career and life-as you help others to succeed in theirs.

Empower. Motivate. Inspire.

Coaching is both an art and a science; professional coaches understand that. More than that, though, they understand how to effectively communicate with clients in a ways that generate real results. An effective coach guides, inspires and empowers others, all to help them reach their potential and take them where they would like to be.

The Professional Certification in Ontologic Coaching Program (PCOCP) is designed for:

  • Those seeking to become professional coaches in a private practice
  • Managers who want to enhance their innate coaching skills to fundamentally improve their organization’s talent retention and relationship with employees
  • Internal trainers and organizational development professionals charged with training other managers and sharing their coaching expertise
  • Near-retirees preparing for a rewarding career they can pursue for many years to come
  • Practicing coaches who want to take their certification to a higher level
  • Individuals desiring to enhance their personal relationships

Professional Coaching Skills

The Professional Certification in Ontologic Coaching Program (PCOCP) aims to aid in the growth of each individual student. The program is divided into 8 course modules, each of which builds upon the lessons learned in the previous one. Certified coaches should be prepared to implement developmental coaching in the organizations they work in or even set up a private practice. The skills learned throughout the program enhance leadership capabilities, and include:

  • Understanding the coaching relationship
  • Demonstrating competency in coaching methods
  • Developing trust in the coaching relationship
  • Maintaining ethical behavior and attitude
  • Gaining a stronger sense of self-awareness
  • And additional essential abilities

If you've ever wanted to be a motivating force for those around you, professional coaching may be you're calling.